Saturday, July 26, 2008

Henry Phillips - Standing On The Shoulders Of Freaks

Henry Phillips

Quote: “What I take from life, I give back through my art. So far I've taken nothing but crap."

Henry Phillips writes touching music, then attaches outrageous lyrics to it. Not since Ray Stevens has anyone managed to make people laugh through a song with such style. Like all good comedians and philosophers, Henry finds humor and metaphors in new places and is unapologetic in his works. But then, there is no need for him to apologize given the fact that what he says has this nasty tendency to be true.

In his honor, I would like to introduce you to the song of his that I favored most. It is also our song of the week.

Henry has been featured on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel and is often heard on the radio on Bob & Tom. Always fun, and definitely worth a listen.

If you want to learn more about Henry, check out some of his work and get tour dates, visit his site at

Lyrics to my favorite Henry Philips Song...

Standing On The Shoulders Of Freaks

Ancient philosophy was framed by prodigies;
Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates.
And even though their thoughts were deemed
the aristocratic voice,
They also had a thing for little boys.

Catherine the Great, so it's been said,
Needed large animals to be fulfilled in bed.

From historic rulers,
To the ancient Greeks,
We're standing on the shoulders of freaks

"Isn't life pretty?" Ernest Hemingway once said,
And then he put a bullet through his head

Salvador Dali's surreal paintings were godsent,
You'd never know he ate his own excrement.

Then there's Da Vinci, for whom it required
Dressing in women's underwear to be inspired.

From the great romantics,
To the ancient Greeks,
We're standing on the shoulders of freaks.

Truman Capote, needless to say,
Would be intoxicated 20 hours a day

From the modern authors,
To the ancient Greeks,

We're standing on the shoulders of freaks

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