Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finding The Emmy On General Hospital - The Emmy APB

in rewatching the episodes from this past week on Soapnet, I got inspired. This poem is a special nod to GH for cunningly inserting the Emmy award into EVERY set on at the start of the week. Some people found it pretentious and said it was "overkill", but I found it to be fun and funny. Where else do you get to see a broacast version of "where's waldo'?

APB for the Lady Emmy

The Lady is shiny, golden and lean.
Here is a list of where she's been seen...

In the front seat of Claudia's car
She shone as bright as a morning star.

She was noticed outside Jax and Carly's home,
She stood on their front porch, all alone.

Miss Emmy was seen in a holding cell,
I wonder what she did to end up in jail...?

At Stone Cold's apartment she was able
To watch Spin diddle Maxi from Jason's pool table.

She was spotted in the foyer of Kate's domain
And watched both couples dueling (again).

Then, over in Anthony's expensive hell-pit
On his bookcase the lovely Emmy did sit.

She later showed up in Lulu's room,
And watched her wrap herself in doom.

She hid out with Robin on the floor
Behind the nurse's desk so Anna could score.

The only place I was unable to find her
Was at Jake's snuggled next to bottles liquor.

After being seen on the bureau in Johnny's place,
It's safe to say PC is Emmy's home base!

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