Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Out Of the Mouths Of Babes...True Story

Publisher's Note: The following was shared with me by my friend Kim. Rachel is her daughter, and this is just priceless. I LOVE kid logic.

Today I offered to babysit my friends baby. She was in a jam and it was last minute. I was at school all day for the annual marthon. It is a fundraiser for the school. I new it would be hard to juggle a baby and my volunteer commitments but I have a problem with saying No.
Rachel was so excited about the baby being with us all day. At the end of the day I gladly returned the baby to his parents. Afterward Rachel said to me
"mom, I want a baby. Why cant you have one?" I said
"Well Rach, what do you want me to do go to walmart and buy one.:?" she said
"mom, you know you have to go to the hospital to buy a baby." okay so I said
"what kind of baby do you want?" ( I meant boy or girl) she said
"well anything except a chinese baby." (she has over heard me talking about adoption of Chinese babies.) I said "whats wrong with a Chinese baby?" she said.............
"Because do you realize how long it would take to teach it English? I mean, Im not going to learn Chinese just to speak to it."

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