Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magician and The Parrot

I heard this one from Ron White...

A magician is working on a cruise ship. Every night during his act the captain of the ship was in the front row with a parrot sitting on his shoulder. On the third night, the parrot starts yelling out all of the solutions to the magician's trick and heckling the magician by squawking "it's up his sleeve" or "his assistant has it" and so on/ the magician irally pissed as the parrot progressively ruins his act each night. On the 7th day of the cruise, the ship sinks. The magician finds himself floating out in the middle of nowhere, on a peice of driftwood. the parrot is sitting on the other end of the wood and the two of them are just looking at each other. Finally, after nearly two days of staring at each other in total silence, the parrot says, "Ok, I give up. what did you do with the boat?"

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