Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blonde Millionaire

A blonde woman, in her mid-thirties, walked into a bank and asked to see the loan manager. She waited for a bit and the manager finally came out of his office and introduced himself and asked "how may I help you?"
The woman explained, as they walked into his office, that she was going on a trip and needed to take out a loan. "I would like to borrow $5000" she told him.
The loan manager thought about it for a moment and then told the woman that they would have to have some collateral. "What do you have that would cover that ammount?" he asked.
"Well," she said, "I have my $45,000 Mercedes-Benz parked outside that I will leave here as collateral."
The bank manager looked out his window and saw the car sitting right outside in the parking lot. "That would be perfectly fine" he said as he started the paperwork.
Fifteen minutes later the blonde walked out of the bank with her loan.
After the woman left, the manager started checking further into the woman and found that woman was actually a multi-millionaire.
One week later, the blonde woman walked back into the bank and asked to see the loan manager again. The manager quickly came to her this time. When they were in the man's office, she payed back the loan plus the $15.00 interest on the loan.
"After you left last week," said the manager, "I did some checking. I found out that you are a multi-millionaire. Why did you come to me and ask for such a small ammount of a loan?"
The blonde woman smiled and replied "Well, you see, I was going on a trip as I told you. I went to Las Vegas for the week. And let me ask you, where else could I have parked my car and have it watched over and protected for a week and it only cost me $15.00 for a week?"

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