Sunday, March 9, 2008

Media Whores are NOT Celebrities...

What is going on with the media? Or more to the point, what is the deal with the media whores? Why are we being told about the likes of Ryan Seacrest or Paris Hilton? They are talentless hacks in my opinion, and I have yet to discover why they have been deemed worthy of our time or newspaper and magazine pages. Every time I turn around the private lives of the shallow and snotty are being slung at me as “news”. Am I the only one who feels this way? I don’t care about them, I don’t care who they are friends with and certainly don’t care who they are having sex with.

I blame both the media and the whores for it. The media is reporting gossip, which is nothing new. It’s grist for the mill. The whores, they seem to be more than happy to provide fodder for the masses. What I am at a loss for is why anyone is buying it. Why is anyone spending time or money on these people? Just because someone is in a movie or on tv doesn’t mean we need every detail of their lives. Some things are private and shouldn’t be used as promotional materials for whatever lack-luster movie or event that these people are involved in. The majority of these whores either aren’t particularly talented or they are not talented enough for the recognition they are getting. We are in a society where having an argument in a public place, or bed hopping, or slander makes you news worthy. They just keep throwing it out there and public is eating up.

Is there a point? Any point at all? Are we just in love with the idea of the mighty falling and want a front row seat? Do any of us really like these people? Probably not, since we don’t really know them, and what we see of them isn’t flattering. We are in love with an idea. When we think of the lifestyle of the stars, we think of money, glamour, and we treat them like royalty. And when they screw up, or just show that they are human in some manner, the press can’t wait to knock them off of their pedestals, and we can’t wait to see them hit the ground. It’s ghoulish. Sadly, it is the same reason that we watch soap operas. We want to see the rise, the fall, and in some cases the resurrection of careers and lives. Unfortunately, it is an addiction, and since few people die from it (outside of the actions of the deranged) no one is going to cure it. Gossip is money. And the media and public have a partnership that fuels the engine of tabloid journalism. The next time you are in the supermarket, waiting to check out, look at the magazine rack, and see if there is anyone on the covers that is genuinely worthy of the money that would have to be spent to purchase the magazine. Is there anything other than sex scandals, celebrity “feuds”, arrests or parties? How many of the featured stories on the cover are about positive things? If the story isn’t about someone having a baby, then 9 times out of 10, the story is negative. And often, they manage to taint the birth of an innocent. And the media whores seem to enjoy it. They thrive on it. They make fools of themselves and break laws and act like they can do absolutely anything that they want just because people have heard of them, and they do it to keep their names in the paper. They create scandals and handle private matters by screaming and fighting at a night club or a party. The things that the rest of us have the sense to do quietly or privately, they make it a point to do in public. From what I see, they are starving for more attention and like petulant children, they will do anything to get it.

I say, “GROW UP!” Instead of acting like a moron to get attention, try doing something worthy of note. Write an amazing story, give an amazing performance, do something real for mankind. Don’t just send money to a charity, go to work for one. Don’t waste time talking trash about someone you had once called friend, and do something to save the friendship. Try being a good person. You don’t have to be the king or the queen of the gossip mill in order to stand out in people’s minds. Don’t believe me? Ever heard of Tom Hanks, Tommy Lee Jones, Halle Berry, or James Earl Jones? How about Steven Spielberg, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Martin Luther King Jr., George Lucas, Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, ... They may have popped up in the tabloids for brief periods, but they sure as hell didn’t feel the need to make a career out of bad behavior. Be noticed and remembered for doing something good… celebrities are supposed to be people who are worthy of CELEBRATING!

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