Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kathy Griffin - One Gutsy Dame...Allegedly

Kathy Griffin is one gutsy dame.
I don’t say this because she is a woman in the world of stand-up comedy, or because she says outlandish things. Hell I do that, and it doesn’t take guts, it only takes a lack of a filter between your brain and your mouth. No. Kathy is gutsy on a level that few people are. She talks about the media whores and posturing celebrities in a less than flattering way, whilst living and working amongst them.
It hasn’t taken the celebs very long to realize that Kathy will talk about their ignorant shit, and that nothing and no one is sacred. Kathy is a self proclaimed D-list diva and she makes the most of that status. I pray to god she never up-grades because where she is right now is too delicious for words. She praises and skewers the media whores and celebrities who have clearly lost their damn minds and she does so without regard to their status. Even Oprah is not off limits.
Kathy keeps us in stitches as she shares her thoughts on Tom Cruise’s meltdown on Oprah (don’t you love it?), Anna Niccole Smith on the Hollywood Squares along with Chaka Khan, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and Little Richard all on the same day (It’s all happening over at the Squares), and she takes on Whitney Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Star Jones, Barbra Walters (who, it turns out, is as big a twat as we have imagined), Clay Gaykin (I mean Aikin), Celine Dion, Gweneth Paltrow (she’s a snot…who knew?), Lindsey Lohan, and on and on. And you haven’t heard a great wedding story until she tells you about Brooke Sheild’s wedding. I would give anything to have been there….and I REALLY hate going to weddings.
Kathy shares her points of view on these people and their VERY public behaviors as well as her personal encounters with them. She is merciless and fantastically funny, and manages to get herself into the damnedest situations with these people, and she doesn’t even bother to deny whatever unbecoming thing she may have said about them. She just rolls with it, and if they can’t take the jokes that they have managed to make of themselves, screw ‘em. You gotta love the moxie on this chick.
In the process of making us laugh, Kathy gives us a wonderful gift. It’s the gift of acknowledgement that the people we place on pedestals and that we rabidly read about, are absurd and usually oblivious to how ridiculous they really are. She lets us know that these people are not normal, nor are the majority worthy of the attention we place on them. She says what we’re all thinking, which validates our notion that it’s all bullshit, and we really shouldn’t take them seriously.
Kathy’s stories are as outrageous as the celebrities in them, and you never know what she is going to say next. Keep an eye on BRAVO. They show her reality show “My Life on The D-List” as well as her stand-up comedy specials. She has a new special that is supposed to air sometime this summer, and chances are that as they are gearing up to air it on Bravo, they will show her previous shows as well. I am telling you all, WATCH THEM! Better yet RECORD them or buy her stuff. She’s well worth the time and money, and absolutely a keeper. I would trade vital parts of other people’s anatomy just to see her live in concert. This fiery redhead is comedic gold. Oh, and remember that everything she says is “alleged”.

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