Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Little About Rie Sinclair

Rie’s first full album was released last year - “On The 5th Floor” features her songs heard on General Hospital. She is a contract musician for ABC and I personally feel that there was no way that they could top Rie Sinclair.

Her music as a haunting, poetic beauty to them, not only in the music, but in her lyrics. The emmy nominated songstress weaves a beautifully poetic fabric that you can almost reach out and touch, and she punctuates it with her soulful voice with a soft, but defined edge.

Her magic stems and flourishes from the fact that with her entirely unique lyrics, smooth and somewhat melancholy sound, she is unlike anything I have heard before, but she makes it all so familiar. She leaves me feeling like someone has walked through the hidden parts of my mind and heart, and carefully spoke (or sang as the case may be) it out loud when I couldn’t find the words.

The following lyrics are from her song “Already Over”, which is a nothing short of a soulful journey through the grief of loving and not knowing if you are losing. It’s a soft gentle ballad, but Rie delivers it with a tone that says, “Yes, this hurts, but I am not a doormat. So what’s it going to be?”

Well, years play and memories stay and now I believe
That my heart will simply fall apart in to so many pieces…
Will you turn around & tell me its already over?
Will you tear my heart up & tell me how sorry you are?
…Is it safe to love you?

She balances the truth of love, both good and bad. With a perfect combination of the maturity of one who has had their heart broken, and the wide-eyed innocence that we all had before we found out that love can be painful Rie Sinclair will lead you into your own dreams of love as well as remind you of the heartbreak that you outgrew. She is absolutely seamless. Visit her sites to get a sample of what her sound can give you.

Her first CD, Glow, is available at She can also be heard on iTunes and
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  1. I wish more of Rie's music was out there for purchase. I love her voice and her songs are very catchy. Nice blog!

  2. I totally agree. The music industrie is so fickle and the radio and music video stations seem to give so much time to talentless hacks who seem to have more financial backing than they do actual talent.


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